Monday’s not here, and I’m already dreading it…

and I don’t really know why. Work really isn’t that bad. It’s funny though, when people hear I work for a newspaper, they always assume that we are one step in the grave. I can tell you now at our paper we are actually doing quite well. We haven’t had any raises lately, but neither have any of us lost our jobs. I guess that is something to be thankful for in today’s economy. But that said, working at the newspaper isn’t all that bad, although a pay raise at some point would really be a blessing.

I’m not a writer, well, let me rephrase here. I’m not a journalist. Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be one, but after having my work critiqued and after making a D on news release assignments, I decided to think of a different path for my career, and I settled on social work. Anyway, while I was stuck in social work I turned to writing, mainly fan fiction, to escape from my ever boring life. ┬áThat was when I realized, I really like creative writing. But at some point, after a trip to Europe, I decided it was time to do something different. Initially thought of giving journalism a try, until my dad suggested graphic design. Why I opted to go in that direction, I’m still not really sure. I’m not the best at drawing, in fact, have a phobia with drawing thanks to a college professor who was extremely nit-picky! But in the end, I love my job.

So why write a blog? I’m not really sure. I think it is my way of doing perhaps an online journal, which I can read later. In boxes upstairs, I have journals and diaries from 8th grade up until three years after graduation. For some reason I quit. As of late, I’m been a bit addicted to instant wins and sweepstakes, and have decided I need to step away from that. Getting a bit too obsessive with it. So, I’m going to write instead.

Tomorrow, it may be about work. That should be interesting! That day in the life of a graphic designer at a newspaper. Hmmm. Maybe I will.


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